Solex Motorcycle Disc Lock 9030


SOLEX motorcycle disc brake lock can be used with all models with disc brakes. Stainless steel lock core, thickness 7 mm., Prevent sawing The device is made from zinc alloy. There is no area for sawing or cutting keys. When not in use Can be stored under the seat, not wasting space

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We have a motorbike, we must want to ride for a long time. The hurdle that will take the motorcycle from us is only an accident with theft. Which if our car has been stolen It will only cause many more problems, for example, someone who stole the car may cause a crime. And if a new car is paying off every month, it will become a key payment Which has only disadvantages and disadvantages The theft that we see often is the destruction of the neck lock system. By using acid or a key to destroy the car’s lock system. Which in just a few minutes Joan was able to easily take our car out. Before our car was one of them We should also prevent this from occurring on us by using a safety lock. For the motorcycles that we love.


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