Liqui Moly LM-40


  • Country of Origin: GERMANY
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  • he all-rounder for home, hobby, workshop, automotive and industry. For hinges, castors, locks, screws, switches, handles, bowden cables, car antennas and much more. Lubricates, cleans, dissolves, protects and cares. Keeps moving parts permanently smooth. Achieved by its high creeping even the most hidden lubrication points. Permanently dissolves rusted and burned screws in no time. Infiltrates and eliminates dirt and stubborn oil and grease residues. Protects against rust and corrosion and cares for chrome parts.
  • Technical characteristics:
  • good water resistance.
  • good corrosion protection.
  • Keeps moving parts viable.
  • neutral against plastics.
  • Paints.
  • Metals and wood.
  • optimal creeping ability.
  • reduces friction and wear.
  • stainless expectorant.
  • smears and cares.
  • dirt dissolving.
  • silicone-free.
  • universally applicable.
  • improves the electrical conductivity.
  • Manufacturer: Liqui Moly.
  • Manufacturer number: 3391.
  • Delivery quantity: 1,6 liters.
  • Package included: 4 pieces á 400 ml will be delivered as shown on the product picture.


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